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Patrick Bageant

for Boise City Council, Seat 1

Growth is penetrating every corner of Boise but its benefits have not been evenly distributed. We are experiencing in-migration that can only be described as booming, and its effect is very different from Boisean to Boisean depending on where they live, what job they have, or how much of their monthly expense is dedicated to staying afloat.

Housing, transportation, and sustainability are moral issues just as much as they are economic ones. Boise has made commendable efforts, but small steps and incremental progress are not going to work. For many people, they are not working already: we need fire stations, buses, and housing now. Boise doesn’t need another written plan for transit or housing that will allow it to keep treading water, because it shouldn’t matter whether we are a ‘top 10 place to move’ in 2019. What matters is that Boise is the number one place to live in 2040. I look forward to earning your trust and your support as we engage these problems together. Let’s get to work!

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